Android Mobile / Tablet App Tester

Are you passionate about exploring the vast world of Android apps? Join us as an Android App Tester, where your role goes beyond testing – it’s about delving into the heart of applications to ensure an unparalleled user experience.


  • Experiential App Analysis: Immerse yourself in the functionality of Android mobile and tablet apps. Your task is not just to test but to experience and evaluate every feature.
  • Comprehensive Issue Identification: Detect and report bugs and issues with precision. Your keen eye for detail will play a pivotal role in maintaining the high-quality standards of our applications.
  • Collaborative Problem Resolution: Work closely with developers and project managers to ensure swift resolution of identified issues. Your collaboration will contribute to the continuous improvement of our apps.
  • User Experience Enhancement: Provide valuable feedback on user experience and propose improvements for enhanced usability. Your insights will shape the evolution of our apps.


  • Download apps to your Android smartphone or tablet.
  • Thoroughly test all app features.
  • Craft concise yet insightful reviews of your experiences.
  • Identify and document any faults for resolution.


  • Access to at least one of the following devices: Android Smartphone, Android Tablet.
  • Passion for exploring and understanding Android applications.

Rate: $25 – $35 per hour (Depending on the complexity of the app and detail required for the review)


  • Remote work online. Open to applicants from across the United States.


  • No prior experience required; we value a genuine passion for Android apps.

Join us in expanding the horizons of app exploration! If you’re ready to embark on this journey, apply now and be a part of shaping exceptional user experiences.